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Name:Jaap Koehoorn
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Expert distance:100-600公里
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Method of racing
Jaap Koehoorn practices the method of ''total widowhood''. Both partners are raced. To keep the motivation if one of the partners do not reach home in time he created a special feeding scheme. 
On the day of deployment his pigeons get everything they want. Full food with peanuts and dainty. Even the water is sweet with a lot of carbohydrates and fruits. Jaap realized that the pigeons even like to come home for this banquet. The racing pigeons are coupled at the end of February for the first time and then brood approximately 20 days (on eggs of stone). Naturally the top eggs are placed under breeding couples so he will get young birds from his best racing pigeons. 
After about 20 days the pigeons leave the eggs voluntarily.

Then they sit directly on widowhood and keep their feathers for a long time. Even up to the last competition the pigeons dispose good wings. During the past seven years no antibiotics have been given, nothing against trichomonia or coccidian or what so ever. In the loft of Jaap Koehoorn only vitamines, bacteria and sport nutrition from Vydex are given also garlic and vegetables find his approval. He cannot understand sportenthusiasts who only provide their pigeons well during the racing seasons because the prices are won in wintertime! It is not his opinion that the pigeons should only be top-fit in summer. With the dispensation of antibiotic one will only get tops and glens. For example a therapy against trichomonia only destroys the intestinal flora. Jaap: ''only use antibiotics if it is absolutely necessary. Do not carry out blind cures but go to the veterinarian and let it examine very good, only medicate pigeons which are ill, not the strong and healthy which are also sitting in your loft.'' In the first year without antibiotics some problems occurred, a few pigeons were taken from the loft. In spite of this the performance had to be considered as very well. During the passed six years no problems have arisen and the output was sensational.


About the history  
Together with his father his interest in pigeons began 43 years ago. During the last 19 years Jaap has raced alone. At the end of 1993 he moved from a farm into his house in Veenendaal. He sold half of his pigeons and started off again with young birds in 1994. Hans Eijerkamp too bought ten pigeons from him thereunder the NL91-1802753 "Lady Bergerac". This ace races a second Bergerac (882 kilometers) among 40.925 pigeons.
Organization of the stock  
The first pigeons came from sportsenthusiast L. Stok from Halsteren. In the fifties and sixties his loft has been one of the top-lofts in the Netherlands. And in 1963 and 1964 his father bought a few pigeons from the Janssen brothers. These pigeons are still the red banner in the blood of the present day pigeons. Of course during the last 20 years of pigeon sports several other races were added. Most of them pigeons which had made top-performances by themselves. So one can say that it has become a "Koehoorn-race" today. In the past years Jaap Koehoorn has become a program-racer. He races from the first in April to the last in September and the results are sensational!

Jaap with one of his toppers


Results 2005  
Jaap Ko
ehoorn, Munnikenweg 9, 3905 MDVeenendaal,  

e N
etherlands tel 0031-318-553662
  Distance Total pigeons  Results
07-05-05 St. Quentin
Female pigeon NL04-1790753
291kilometres 1.920 pigeons 1e, 4e, 7e prize
18.759 pigeons  1e prize 
11-06-05 Le Mans
Male pigeon NL04-1790797
589 kilometres 735 pigeons 1e, 2e, 3e prize
3.543 pigeons 1e prize
10.245 pigeons National teletext 10e,16e,23e prize
25-06-05 Bourges
Female pigeon NL04-1790753
600 kilometres 1.813 pigeons 1e,7e,10e  prize
3.711 pigeons 1e prize 
30-04-05 Niergnies 264 kilometres 601 pigeons 1e ,4e ,5e ,6e ,8e ,9e ,10e prize
 23-04-05 Harchies 215 kilometres  632 pigeons 1e ,2e ,6e ,7e ,8e prize
17-06-05 St. Vincent  1065 kilometres 3.701 pigeons 16e prize
8.438 pigeons 34e prize NATIONAL
10-07-05 Mont de Marsan 1012 kilometres 4.537 pigeons 21e prize NATIONAL
31-07-05 Bergerac 883 kilometres 17.160 pigeons 66e prize NATIONAL
09-07-05 Meer 82 kilometres 652 pigeons 1e, 2e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e prize 
20-08-05 Duffel 128 kilometres 512 pigeons 1e, 2e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 10e, 11e prize
10-09-05 Chantilly  384 kilometres 943 pigeons 1e, 2e, 4e, 12e, 39prize


24 time 1e prize
CLUB 50 members  MIDDLE HOLLAND ?2800 members
1e Champion short distance   8e Champion Middle distance
1e Champion Middle distance
1e Champion Long distance 
1e Champion Young distance 6e Champion Long distance
1e General Total
1e Championpigeon all distances  5e Champion Young pigeons
1e Championpigeon short distance
1e Championpigeon middle distance  2e General Total


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